The thing is, you might not want to think about why you are not rich. But the reason why you are not rich now is worth taking into account. Why? It’s the barrier that’s holding you back from getting rich.

So what is the barrier? Well, the answer is simpler than you think. And it’s FEAR. Most people live in denial that fear destroy their lives.

Instead, they spend their whole life looking for that magic something. Something that could dramatically change their financial life. Something that will bring them peace of mind and spiritual evolution.

Unfortunately that something you’re looking for is not somewhere out there. It’s within your reach. It’s inside. And it’s your unstoppable power to create wealth. So you can bring incredible changes in your life. And to receive the reward for your efforts.

You must know that to create true riches you must depend on your abilities not on your job or other people. “I can do all through Christ who strengthens me”, said Paul.

Many of us are afraid to be ourselves. To stand out and do well. We’re afraid of being ridiculed by people we love, our friends and family, when we live differently.

As a result, we find ourselves overloaded, unhappy and bored. And also struggling financially.

We have created a veil on our eyes which prevent us to see that we have all the money and prestige hidden in our abilities. And that we already have the riches waiting to be collected.

It is those things we fear that we attract. If you’re afraid of losing money, then you’ll loose it.

A stingy person cannot get rich. He is worried of not having enough funds. He repels wealth. His poverty is the manifestation of life controlled by fear.

He blames others for his fate. It’s not supposed to be this way. That’s not what we all want. We all want to be wealthy and happy. To live fully!

But on the other hand a fearless person attracts riches. He gets the best value from money spent for increase. And he’ll always have more than enough to meet his needs.

Stop nourishing fear by doing the things that are not in one accord with you divine gifts or talents. “We did not receive the spirit of bondage to fear”. Don’t even waste your time developing yourself in those areas that you find difficult to master.

See, being frightened to practice your talents does not serve you and important people in your life. If you fear, you do not love yourself, family and friends. For fear is the opposite of love. “Where there is love there is no fear.”

Play the part you're born to live, and do it with purpose. And you'll win. Period.

Your playing other people’s role does no good our world. You where born to shine and increase. And as you are freed from fear, you become a channel of blessings to others.

"I have good thoughts towards you”, says the Lord “thoughts to prosper you not to harm you." God wants you to be rich, it’s that simple. May you live to prosper!


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