Generate Passive Income and Leverage Your Time Effectively with Information Products

By : Caleb Scoville

One way to leverage your time and propel you to expert status is by creating information products. A CD is an information product. This is something that can be free or for a fee. The free option is opt-in bait for a website, the ethical bribe, or the "pink spoon" as it is sometimes referred to. CDs are extremely easy and inexpensive to create and market.

This article was harvested from a transcribed teleseminar I hosted which can be part of a teleseminar. It may not be something that I'll sell, but it's something that I can use as opt-in bait. Then I don't have to deliver this teleseminar every week or month. I can just say, "Do you want to learn these things?" and I can use the same sales or opt-in page I use to get people to opt in to this seminar. I can send them directly to the recording.

It can be just as effective as a teleseminar. The only reason it might not be quite as effective is there's not a specific date attached to it, so there's not as much urgency for people to opt in. There's nothing that it has to go into once you put it up there. There's no reason not to take advantage of this kind of thing.

Also, the recordings can be sold as bonuses along with other programs or products to add value. If you have some sort of coaching or higher-end program, you can include a recorded teleseminar, for example, "The Seven Deadly Mistakes" or "Six Essential Tips." This is a great way to leverage that if it pertains to your target market and the problems that they have.

The recordings are also an instant legitimizer. Once you become a publisher of an info product, things will start to happen differently for you. Obviously, it's not going to happen overnight, but you will have more opportunities if you have some sort of product to sell or give away.

If you have hosted a teleseminar, you already have an info product. There are a couple of different options. One could be a digital download, which is easy to set up. I suggest doing that no matter what.

There are also the CD and print material. There's usually a higher per CD value with these, but it really depends on your niche market. You will just have to look into that to see which one is more realistic for you and a better deal.

I definitely encourage you to get started with this. It doesn't have to be perfect. Even if you just record and do not edit or spiff it up, your content can be a great legitimizer to give away to your prospects.
Author Resource:- Caleb Scoville helps consultants, trainers, coaches and service professionals, multiply their impact with information products and audio and video online marketing strategies.

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