For many car enthusiasts, their vehicle is their pride and joy, and some will spend thousands on making them look good and run perfectly. From vintage cars to heavily customised hot rods, thousands of enthusiasts and members of the public attend car shows and meets each year, with prizes given in categories such as detail, condition, colour match and overall quality of the vehicle.

Judging is usually strict, with the most points being awarded for keeping the vehicle as close to the original model as possible, any damage – no matter how small – can lead to points being deducted from your overall score, putting a damper on the hard work you’ve put into your vehicle.

If you’re looking to take your vehicle to a car show or exhibition, it’s important to ensure you’ve some motor insurance in place, even if you’re only going to use the vehicle one or twice a year. Failure to insure your vehicle in time for a show can lead to difficulties in claiming if something happens during the show itself.

As there are a lot of attendees at such shows, the chances of your car getting damaged can be moderate to high – and you must ensure that you have adequate car insurance before participating. At some shows your vehicle can be placed behind protective barriers, but when this is not possible it is worth ensuring that you are covered against any potential damage – such as accidental chips and dents caused by people walking by or any damage to your windows or wing mirrors.

Before entering your vehicle into a show or event, check your existing insurance policy and ensure that you have adequate cover, as even though some shows will offer a degree of protection, not all will be able to offer such a luxury. Even if there is existing protection, it’s always best to make sure that you’ve got some of your own before you take your prized vehicle to show off to fellow enthusiasts.

Bear in mind that some insurers may also ask to see the vehicle before they issue insurance policies and any amendments before shows in order to verify its’ condition before you take it to the show. This is usually to verify that there aren’t any existing dents or scratches prior to the event, and if you’ve kept your vehicle in prime condition it shouldn’t be a concern for you.

By ensuring that everything is in place before showing off your car, you can give yourself piece of mind and the knowledge that your vehicle is protected before you give the public and fellow enthusiasts the chance to see it in the flesh.


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