Have you heard of Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world? In 1965, he took control of a small textile firm. Forty-three years later it has become the most famous investment partnership of all time. But can you name the second richest man in the world? Like Buffett, his specialty is finding undervalued assets and unlocking their worth. But unlike Buffett, it has taken him just two years to double his personal fortune and leapfrog all the way to the number two spot on Forbes' list of the wealthiest on Earth. In 2006, the Belfast Telegraph said he was making $2.2 million every hour ... In 2007, Business Week reported he was raking in $4.7 million every hour ... And so far this year, well, there's no way to be certain, but he's probably doing even better!

The man's name is Carlos Slim, and he lives in Mexico. What's more, he's making the bulk of his money by investing right in his own backyard.

So how is he doing this? Well he's trading in the largest and most liquid market on the planet where $3 trillion trades take place every day. To many the Forex or currency market is seen as an eternal bull market. With the prospect of huge returns regardless of the credit crunch or whether stocks, bonds or currencies
are rising or falling, money is there to be made. Currencies are the purest symbols of economic strength you'll find. When a country's currency is strong, it indicates a booming economy, investor confidence, healthy interest rates, and so much more.

Is Forex Trading for everyone? A little while ago it seems Forex Trading was only reserved for the super rich and to those in the know. Ordinary people thought that it was complicated and risky yet unbeknown to them most have actually traded on the markets. The simplest Forex or currency trades are transacted when a person travels to another country. We go to a bureau de change or a travel agent and buy that currency for the best price we can. When we return should we have sufficient surplus of that currency we try to sell it for the best price again. The currency fluctuations during these transactions are usually minimal but over longer periods of time these market fluctuations can be very substantial indeed and that is where fortunes are made.

Nowadays, the Forex markets are traded not only by the super rich but also small investors. There are many who are seeking alternative income sources now that the credit crunch is taking a firm hold. Anyone can see that there are vast sums to be made. However, not everyone is making a killing. You see as simply as it seems in the analogy above Forex Trading isn't a walk in the park. We are forever being blasted with signals of buy this or buy that or sell this or sell that. We have seen huge shifts in the global economy. Government rescue packages for major institutions around the world and also the failure of some of the biggest and most established and well known financial institutions in the world. Some would ask themselves "If the experts can't get it right, then how can I?" The credit crunch is here to stay say many. But we have seen it all before. Money doesn't disappear, it just moves from one place to another. Currencies will always be traded and it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time that will determine if you can trade profitably.

Now, what with all the doom and gloom in the markets it would pay to have an edge. The global recession is spreading so having the right tools of the trade are essential. Forex Trading is arguably the most lucrative business a person can enter into. With a decent education, and strict money management, it is possible to make money beyond your wildest dreams. The types of return in Forex are unlike anything else. However the risks can be large which is why it's imperative that a person gains a solid understanding of how to trade. Without a decent education, it's not too dissimilar to gambling.

Then, when you have got your feet wet you can jump right in. However the real money and profits comes when using the latest Automated Forex trading Systems or Software. The professionals no longer undertake tedious manual research. If you try to trade manually in this climate when you are starting out you are almost guaranteed to get burned. Many online brokers offer FX platforms for you to download and start trading 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Using this in conjunction with specialist Forex software will give you an almost unfair advantage. Not only does it know when to enter and exit a trade, but it will even place and close them even when you're not at your computer. A human being cannot be available to trade 24 hours a day, But Forex Trading is a 24 hour a day business. This type of software negates the need to be stuck at your computer anxiously waiting for the next market turn. Because there's no emotion or trepidation involved, you get into trades faster and that's when you make huge returns.

Most importantly for beginners, it doesn't matter how much you know about the currency markets. As long as you have chosen a broker and deposited money into your trading account the software will do everything for you. That means anyone who wants to get into Forex Trading will be able to do so without having to worry about losing their shirt in the process.


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