Looking to make money on ebay selling stuff? Wondering how to do it with a quick success? In fact, selling on eBay can take a lot of organization and a lot of attention to details. There are a number of things to handle and a number of things can fall through the cracks. Instead of worrying what could go wrong, here's a list of what you can do to ensure you will kill your eBay business. Follow these rules and you are sure to have decreased online sales.

1. Ignore Your Titles

First most critical make money on ebay selling mistake is to toss some random words in your title and don't make it very compelling. Don't bother putting your brand-name items in the title. After all, who cares if your customers can find the exact product they are looking for? And only use a small handful or words, even though you have a full 55 characters. Stop using words like "WOW" or other attention-grabbers.

2. No Pictures - or Blurry Ones

Shopping online is so easy, who needs good pictures, right? The more you make your items a mystery, the more your customers will have to work to figure out what it is. Make sure the important information is either not in the picture at all or is too blurry to distinguish. Or just leave the picture option blank.

3. Sell Junk No One Wants

Put worthless items even you can't stand and hope they sell on their own. Overprice them! Flea market specials can be priced for $100. Broken items can be sold as high-quality and new. Get knock-off items and guarantee your sellers that they are new. Don't worry what customers think, right?

4. No Description

In addition, if you want make money on eBay selling a failure, go ahead and lie about the item. Say it has certain features that it doesn't or say that it works when it doesn't. You can't stand to look at it, but tell your future customers it's in perfect condition. Give them useless information to make it sound fancy, but that really means nothing.

5. Ignore Communications from Your Buyers

Hey, sending messages to your customers is just a waste of time. Why bother? If your customers want to ask questions, let them, but that doesn't mean you have to answer them. Everybody can just buy now and ask questions later. They don't need any personal touches with their online shopping experience.

6. Ugly Listings for Your Products

Put bright yellow, obnoxious font on a white background. Use a smaller font. Little animations and flashing light might give your customers a headache, but they're fun to use!!!! Play really loud music. USE ALL CAPS.

7. 4am at Night = Auction Ending Time

4am is as good a time as any to end your auction. Everyone will definitely stay up all night to see what happens in the last moments of your auction. If not, they shouldn't be wasting your time by bidding. They have nothing else to do at that hour.

Many individuals make common mistakes when trying to make money on eBay selling. Why not let an experienced eBay Education Specialist and profitable Power Seller show you the ropes to successful selling on eBay. Turn your business into a cash spewing machine!


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