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Solutions to your business needs 24/7, TendersWorldwide.com
Tenders Worldwide is the best online portal for all of your business needs locally and globally, period. We offer an easy to navigate, user friendly format that you are sure to appreciate.
It provides you with daily updated online information regarding business leads, opportunities and tenders from all the government, public & corporate sectors, covering every business type imaginable.
Let’s say for example, you produce raw materials of any kind, but you also need to buy new equipment for processing, we CAN help!
You are always looking for new export leads for your finished goods? We CAN help!
Marketing your new product to people looking for it in every corner of the earth? We CAN help!
Need to be “in the know “on the latest business news? We CAN help!
Searching for government contracts for your company? We CAN help!
Need a subcontractor? We CAN help!

More than 1,00,000 business propositions at your disposal any time, day or night, with an average 2,000 to 4,000 being added daily.
Get the edge on your competition, 24 /7, while your competition is left behind.
And how, you ask? SIMPLE!
Tenders Worldwide email and SMS alerts, an absolutely unlimited amount of new leads of business inquires day and night, 365 days a year.
Best of all, it is so inexpensive, done on your terms, your time, on your computer whether you are at the office, home or on vacation. If you’re online, you’re in business; yes it is literally that simple! Your customers are online looking for you! Are you ready for more customers or be left behind wondering where they have gone?
Tenders Worldwide, offering you a genuine marketing tool for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing.
How does Tenders Worldwide work?
Easy navigation and search options
Our catagories are broken down by location, whether it be city, state, or country. So location doesn’t matter, but cost does, no problem search for an item or service by cost.
Keyword search; YES, it’s like blue pages, yellow pages, all in one, but never growing outdated!
Inexpensive subscription plans to choose from through our simple and secure online payment gateway.

Classifieds* Notices*National and International Tenders* Procurement*Business News* Blue Pages* Yellow Pages
Tenders Worldwide, India and beyond!
We have both registered subscribers and over 5,000 paid subscribers already, but are aggressively expanding our subscriber base.
Become a franchisee of Tenders Worldwide
We are establishing Tenders Worldwide Authorized Franchisees in every Indian city.
Are you a company, Individual, employment exchange, recruitment services bureau, broker or agency is sure to see the business opportunities by partnering with Tenders Worldwide? We are also interested in franchise resellers/dealers or other internet related business people who may be in contact with prospective subscriber or has an existing Browsing Center or an Internet Cafe may also become our Tenders Worldwide Authorized Franchise.
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