So you've got your website up and running but have yet to make your first sale, or you simply might want to be making more sales than you currently do.

There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your site, but getting the traffic there is only one half of the story - having the knowledge to make that traffic convert into sales is the most important part of running an ecommerce site.

Following are the Top 10 tips for increasing online sales;
1. Give your prospective clients an extra incentive to order quicker. For example free shipping, a faster shipping option, free gift wrapping etc

2. Make a small business look big on the internet. Use professional graphics and an organised layout to design your website.

3. Attract more customers by giving them clear and concise ordering instructions. Give them all the information they need to complete their order easily.

4. Give your customers incentives so they'll make repeat purchases. For example offer discounts, free gifts, bonus points.

5. Market yourself. Tell people about the site whenever you get the chance. Those people will tell other people and so on. It's a cheap way to increase your advertising.

6. Write and send press releases for your web site. Use a strong headline, make it newsworthy, and tell the PR company why their readers would like it.

7. Use headlines on your web site. For example free offers, problem solvers, questions, sales, and statistics.

8. Design graphics, buttons, templates and banners for other sites. Allow people to use them in exchange for your link on their home page.

9. Use time saving promotional software. You can automate your submissions, posting to online classified sites.

10. Advertise your online business by dressing in clothes that are imprinted with your ad. It could be a T-shirt, ball cap, coat anything you like – but do your best to create a buzz.

After you've done all this, run split testing campaigns with different web copies on different landing pages and find out what works the best and, more importantly, converts the best.

Use the good ones again and again for maximum profit and get used to using Google Analytics (which is very good for analysing traffic) there are some other great programs now available such as RobotReplay and ClickTail if you don't want to put all your eggs in Googles basket.


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