So would you like the complete forex trading system to help make you a fortune, will continue to work and has made savvy traders countless millions in profit. Yes I know it sounds to good to be true. So here it is.

We have all heard about the magical Forex trading systems, but lets be honest they have had a bad reputation due to the so called Forex Advisors and junk robots sold with made up track records but the good news is – however this one does work and it, has made money and will continue to work and the best part is that is free.

So here is the system, make up your own mind, paper trade, do what you like with it.

We are looking to buy currency on a 4 week breakout, and then hold. Wait until it hits a 4 week low and take out the long position and go short. Always keep a position in the market, by buying and selling new 4 week highs and lows as they occur.

I can’t take any credit for this, I just found it and thought I would pass it on. This particular strategy comes from legendary trader Richard Donchian. It has worked for years and more likely will continue to work for many more years.

So you are thinking this is too easy, it must be more complicated sorry to disappoint you it is this simple. Don’t change it, don’t question it, watch it see it work and make money. The simple strategies are normally the best.

Most people want difficult strategies but they often just confuse people and don’t make money.

Forex markets trend long term and most new trends start and continue from new market highs, so as long as markets trend, this simple one rule system, will make gains, get you into and help you make big profits from every major trend.

Now this system is simple but it takes systems, don’t try and get in too early just follow the system. Yes it is not that exciting but it will make you money, people have been using this for years and have made millions of dollars profits from this.

Now this system only takes about half an hour per day to use.

Richard Donchian was a legendary trader and his work on channel analysis and the enclosed system (called The 4 Week Rule) have been left by him for all traders to use. Its not often you get something in life for free, that can help you make profits but this system can.

So take a look at it and see how it can get you on the road to Forex trading success.


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