In every shopping mall, big health facilities, industrial plant there is one facility you will never fail to notice; a vending machine. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the choice is really yours. For an entrepreneur endowed with small resources, such as the home-based type, you can go for the small sized machines while the opposite is true for a big enterprise. These machine are stacked with all sorts of products, may it be soft drinks, hard drinks, some small packed food snacks such as chocolates bars. Other products stacked are like small ailments medicines like the ones you can buy over the shop’s counter.

They are a variety of vending machines available in the market with more or the same operating procedures. You just insert the necessary coinage and get the product you want. This business is good for a person who want to be based in a home office. The operation cost are minimal. Infact all you need is the capital to buy the machines and the products you want to sell. You could start with a few machines, like three and you buy more as you expand. The machines are self-service normally hence there is no need to employ an attendant. You allocate your self’s with specified times of the day or night to be checking if your stocks are depleted so as to re-stock and take the accumulated cash out of the machine.

Some manufacturers of these machines enter into dealership with the owners of enterprises so that the machines operations can be in their premises. They specify what product to stack in their machine. You simply are not supposed to mix other manufacturer products in their machines. This is what we call franchise, as long you are dealing with their products, you are in business. Most companies that produce soft drinks such as energy beverages, sodas etc are into this business. They will lend out the machines to shop keepers, store keepers and shopping mall owners. They will then give you their products to sell on these machines mostly on a commission bases. You can also buy these machines and have the liberty to stack anything you feel like without limitations from product providers.

The main advantage associated with these vending machines, is that you, you don’t need to employ an attendant to operate these machines, customers operate them by inserting the required coinage. At the end of the day the owner only requirement is to get the money accumulated. This according to me is a great way to start your own home based business, the initial capital may be high but the returns are great. You never go wrong with vending machines


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