Statistical surveys can be described as collecting quantified information about interests, opinions, health, and countless other areas of research. Social science and research marketers are continuously looking to upgrade their demographic information in a given census or population.

Different types of surveys are used to collect different types of data. An interview guided survey, under the direction of a market surveyor, collects information commonly based on opinion. On the other hand, questionnaire administered surveys are filled out by the responder and can be done without supervision. These questionnaires are common among web based programs that pay their responders.

Questions are structured so that they do not force the responder to answer in such a way that would be counter productive to the surveying process.

Surveying and questionnaires are advantageous to market researchers because they provide them with a quick and efficient way of gathering statistical information that is uniform and precise. The flexibility offered is also beneficial to the responders, so that, provided they fill out the surveys online, they can be taking at any time and any place. The quickness and easiness of questionnaires is also the main reason why some surveys can come back with misleading information. People may not be honest in a survey or they will answer in a way that makes them look like a better person, even if the questionnaire is anonymous, as most surveys are.

Website surveys are becoming an increasingly popular mode of extra income. Partly because of their ease at getting started and also because the responder can take as many or as few as he or should has time to. Seen sometimes as a way to create fast money, or to strike up a person’s own online business, making online money through surveys is a quick start.

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