Do you think that money is the root of all evil. Well, look what happened. We know that people who seem to be evil have an elevated greed factor. Look at what's happened in the past 2 presidential terms in the US, people have become rich, greedy, and destroyed the economy. Losses throughout the world all caused by greed, in the name of OIL, causing terrorism, credit card companies, insurance companies, mortgage companies -- and most people are suffering as a result.

We have the cure for what this financial crisis in the world is doing to your personal life. But, no matter what's occurred in your life, your company, your family because of the last 8 years it can be overcome. The process is simply study The Course on Money.

Few people realize that public education doesn't teach us how to make a living or get wealthy, or even find inner peace. In fact, public education is standardized (or sub-standard) if you compare it to the rest of the world.

For almost 30 years, Dr. Jay Polmar has taught one great theory - THINK RIGHT. Over the past 29 years, he's helped 100,000 people around the world with his self-taught courses, which are just like being with Jay in a classroom in Hawaii, or in New Mexico and learning these amazing methods. It's because the courses have audio and it's just like listening to him.

To Dr. Jay it's: how can we be surprised that this happened? Look who we elected, and how he's taken the nation down -- trillions in debt, millions unemployed, stocks down, bonds going down, the dollar falling ... pretty darned amazing. And are we safer? On a personal note, that deficit hasn't included the last crisis on Wall Street. The economy looks gloomy! How's your own economy?

How is your personal economy? Would you like to learn from the secrets that Dr. Jay Polmar taught since 1979 .... before many people even knew there was a Law of Attraction. Yes, our politicians and terrorism attracted financial gloom to the world. That was the price of the war on terror! And for those unaffected by terrorism, they were affected by the war on druglords, the war on starving - everyone seems to be at war. War beguts suffering. Peace beguts successes! Why not focus on successes!

War doesn't work! Success, and attracting money and multiples of desire you want in life does work. When you are told not to be creative, just to follow the orders - you often die trying. But, when you are creative, you become insightful, and have your mind programmed as a money machine - you can only be the winner and more successful and have more than pocket change.

Until the end of this year, all those who purchase the Course on Money, will also get, once a month for 5 months, a bonus series, on the Millionaire MindSet and how to achieve it and operate it.

Dr. Jay Polmar, is no longer teaching, but is kind of retired on a hill in a bilingual part of a Major City in Central Mexico, writing books and courses to help a struggling world.

Bummed by the worldwide economic crisis plus what's going on, Dr. Jay Polmar has taught students worldwide with his famous online Course on Money based on the Law of Attraction www.courseonmoney.com , plus discover the right path to fear plus create a fantastic future.


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