The fear of a repossesion of home is always on the minds of a person who is purchasing a home through a home loan for a term of around 30 years.Due to the uncertainty factor,over such a long term period of time,a person is skeptical about the mortgagearrears. Unavoidable incidents like accident,unemployment and illness can happen to anyone at anytime.If such a thing occurs,it means that without any income you may not be able to meet your mortgage repayments and you would not be in a position to abide by the agreement with the lender.In such a situation,if you fail to repay the mortgage arrears,then there is a strong reason of you losing your home.

Under the circumstances when you are already lagging behind in mortgage arrears or you are worried about it with no possibility of catching up with it and the repossesion of your home is certain then it becomes necessary for you to take control of the situation and take steps.It is very easy to bury your head somewhere in the anticipation that the things will wither away.Unfortunately it does not happen and if you fail to take any necessary steps,then be prepared to be evicted alongwith your family from your home,as the bailiffs will soon visit your home.

Even though there are limited opportunities of saving your home from repossesion,still you have them.One option is to sell your home to a specialist company for cash and then take it back on rent at a sum which is affordable than the mortgage repayment.One advantage of the rent back option is that suppose your situation improves in the future then you can even buy back your home from that company.The price at which you can buy back your home will be set when you sell you home regardless of any economical changes.The specialist company to whom you will be selling you home will collect some information from you like the type of property you live in,place,estimated worth of the property and then they will verbally tell you the price at which you can sell it in within 24 hours.If you are prepared with the sell and rent back and give your approval the things will get under process and after a valuation of your home a written quotation will be given to you.We will provide you with the information on sell and rent back to us and guide you on the ways to stop the court proceedings which might have begun.

There is no harm in applying for a sell and rent back scheme as you can keep your home and live in at as a tenant instead of losing your home forever to the mortgagers.Quite often the mortgage arrears occur without any fault of yours as you were perhaps unable to work it out or you became a victim of situations.Failure in the repayment of mortgage amount can turn out to be devastating but fortunately with the sell and rent back scheme available you still have a chance to regain the posession of your home in future.


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