Low Rates Bridging Loans: Bridge the Gap in Finance

Bridging loans are basically short-term loans, which help homebuyers to meet financial insufficiency while buying property. When a homeowner wants to purchase a property prior to selling the current one – there is a financial gap that becomes difficult to cover, in that situation low rates bridging loans help them in a convenient way to aptly tackle the financial crisis. Low rates bridging loans can be arranged by numerous banking institutions and private lenders.
Low rates bridging loans are secured loans which signify you will have to place your property as security. The loan amount offered under low rates bridging loans ranges from £1, 00,000-£4, 00,000 with better repayment options. Depending on your circumstances and repayment abilities the loan amount can vary.

The loan term for low rates bridging loans thus arranged ranges between one to twelve months. In this time period you need to sell your existing property and payback the loan. Since low rates bridging loans are short-term loans, the time taken by lenders for approval of low rates bridging loans does not exceed beyond few days.

Poor creditors…no problem

Those with bad credit history too are given the opportunity to apply for low rates bridging loans for their requirement. Interest rates are again according to one's financial situation. Borrowers, who are looking for low rates bridging loans are provided free of cost expert advice.

Low rates bridging loans can be arranged for the following groups of people too:
• Discharged Bankrupts
• CCJs and arrears
• Individuals and companies
• Self employed

The following properties are acceptable as collateral for approving low rates bridging loans:
• Residential properties
• Commercial or Semi-commercial properties
• Auction properties
• Retail shops
• Buy to let properties
• Development sites

Low rates bridging loan helps you to bridge your finance with better interest rates and repayment options. However you should be thorough with your homework to search for a genuine lender and also to acquaint yourself with the variations in the market. Surfing the internet for online lenders can be a prudent step as they are fast and economical. So use your wisdom and opt for low rates bridging loans to clinch that awaited lucrative property deal.


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