Use Payday Advance Loans as a Last Resort

Payday advance loans are really getting a bad rap these days. If you talk to a payday advance lender, they will tell you that they offer a valuable service to people in need and that if the borrower chooses to use their payday advance loan irresponsibly, then it is not the responsibility of the payday advance lender to ensure that each lender is able to survive after the payday loan is paid.

That, however, is what many groups say, is exactly what should happen. In the interest of responsible lending, they say, payday advance lenders have the responsibility to counsel potential borrowers before lending to them to make sure that they understand that if they borrow the full amount of their paycheck, they will not have that money on payday, so borrowers need to be more careful of how much they borrow and when they pay it back on a payday advance loan.

When people borrow the entire amount of their paycheck, and this often happens, on a payday advance loan, they quickly find that they have no money to pay their bills on their payday. This causes them to try and extend their loan, at higher fees until the next payday. The whole payday loan system is set up to be a short term with manageable one time fees, but once the loan is extended, the fees can double and even triple, which causes the lender to eventually owe double what they originally took out on their payday advance loan.

So, is it the responsibility of the payday lender to make sure that loans are not made for more than people can afford to borrow? The payday advance loan companies say no, in fact, they will often change their terms of loans to get through new laws that are often set in place to protect people. Payday advance loan companies, while defending their service, also admit that their employees are strongly discouraged from taking out payday advance loans for themselves.

In fact, many employees of payday advance loan companies said that they would not take out a payday advance loan for themselves, no matter what. This should be a sign that if a company’s employees won’t use the service they are selling, then it probably isn’t a very good service at all and maybe you shouldn’t use that service either. While payday advance loan companies continue to defend their lending practices, the fact remains that the fees really, really add up and more and more borrowers are finding themselves in a situation with these payday advance loans that they are having a hard time getting out of.

Non payment can not only result in increased fees, but these are the companies that will take you to court and freeze your bank accounts if you don’t pay them. Payday advance loan companies might be good to use for a one time only thing, but they are not and should not be used as a way to keep getting by, because eventually, you will find that the cost is more than you can afford.

SOURCE: www.cashadvancealliance.com/

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