Homeowners Insurance — Easy Tips; Massive Savings

Some recommendations for cutting down your rates usually reduce the level of coverage you enjoy and are, therefore, NOT recommended. However, you can get cheaper rates for better coverage if you know the things that matter and and apply them rightly. Let’s look deeper into this…

1. A higher Deductible will result in cheaper rates.

Note that your deductible is what you’ll be expected to pay first before an insurance company pays out a dime. $250 is normally the least deductible offered for homeowner insurance. Increasing your deductible from $250 to $500, for example, could save you around twelve percent. Increasing it further to $1000 may result in a 24% discount in rates. What you’ll as discount for each deductible amount will be different depending on your insurance company.

2. You’ll save if you buy all your policies from the same insurance company. Insurers offer discounts to insureds who purchase several policies from them. However, you might be better served by getting your policies from different providers.

Let me make this easier to understand…

We’ll operate in the assumption that you’ve got life, auto, health and home insurance policies. You can expect a huge discount from any insurer with whom you keep multiple policies. Nevertheless, we will look at it from a rather global view to see another option…

Following are made up premiums for a profile’s different insurance policies with different companies…

Insurer A

Life insurance: $2,590

Health insurance: $2,200

Auto insurance: $3,500

Home: $2,100

Insurer B

Life insurance: $3,100

Health insurance: $2,400

Auto insurance: $2,500

Home insurance: $2,400

Insure C

Life insurance: $2,900

Health insurance: $1,900

Auto insurance: $2,800

Home insurance: $2,700

Insurer D

Life insurance: $2,100

Health insurance: $2,300

Auto insurance: $2,750

Home insurance: $2,600

Assuming these premiums were given to you, your total for the four policies would be $10,390 if you purchased all policies from insurer A. However, your total insurance spend will lower to $9351 if you’re given a multi-policy discount of 10 percent. Saving such can be referred to as reasonable.

Although the savings made with a multi-policy discount is quite big, let us see what would have been the case if you decided to purchase from different insurers who gave you the lowest price for each policy…

The following are the lowest rates from different companies for the different policies: $2,1000 from Insurer A; $2,500 from Insurer B; $1,900 from Insurer C and $2,100 from Insurer C. This offers a total of $8,600 in spite of the fact that you were not given any multi-policy discount.

This is $751 lower than what you will get if you settle for a multi-policy discount.

Notwithstanding that this is the situation in many cases, it’s not always so. This means that you can only find out by doing thorough shopping and comparison. And a good way to find out is to get and compare quotes from not less five insurance quotes sites. The wider the range of quotes you receive, the more you will save because you will be able to spot the most affordable quotes available for your profile…

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