Setting Up A Business In Australia In 10 Easy Steps

Australia is home to countless foreign companies that does business in, or is registered in, Sydney. As the Australian government continues to support businesses to stimulate their economy, more and more companies set up or register their business in the country. There are easy ways to set up your company or business in Australia, including:

1. To ensure efficient processing, one should consider using a company that specializes in all of the legal paperwork required to incorporate and register your business in Australia. Verify that the company you engage is reputable and in good standing with the Australian business community.
2. Engage an accounting firm and legal firm to represent you in accounting, tax and legal matters.
3. If you will have employees located in Australia, hire a payroll processing firm to administer the payroll and prepare payroll tax filings.
4. Select the bank or financial institution for your corporate accounts.
5. Strategically estimate your prospects; success requires you generate sufficient income to make this venture worthwhile.
6. Put in place cash flow control or bookkeeping system and be constantly aware of your available financing.
7. Develop a realistic business plan and implement and follow its outline.
8. Decide which organizational structure works best for you:

• Partnerships: Agreeing to a partnership is highly recommended.
• Proprietor Ltd Company: This is a very beneficial business structure closely resembling an American corporation in that it can protect and limit personal liability.
• Sole Trader: Easier to initiate, however includes the highest level of personal liability.
9. Dependent on industry, the physical location of your company may warrant close scrutiny. For assistance in obtaining a physical serviced office or industrial space, utilizing a web-based service may be advantageous.
10. Insure your company. To avoid risking your profits you will need to look at general liability, public liability and employer liability policies.

If you are seriously considering making Australia the home-base for your business, these are only ten of the innumerable things you should think about before you start. The only necessity is to research the issue thoroughly to find the best options for you. By doing this you will avoid legal hassles like general liability and tax problems that could hinder you before you even begin.

A monthly and annual budget needs to be prepared. This is absolutely vital. Also, remember that overseas companies can register in Australia relatively easily. You will have to fill out different applications with ASIC. Following the above steps is a requisite for setting up your Australia-based business.


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