Best Car Leasing Tips - Luxury Car Lease

"Leasing is the way forward" I heard my friend say, especially given the current economic problems.

I thought about this and he could be right!

Where new autos depreciate as soon as their driven out of the car show floor and will continue to do so at a very fast rate.

You just have to turn on the television or open the newspapers to see the state of the auto industry at the moment. Less and less people are buying brand new cars and are now turning to leasing. This doesn't mean to say that people are not upgrading their current cars, they are turning to prestige auto leasing and this is certainly on the increase. The main reason for this is because of the many advantages.

To lease a prestige auto such as an Audi cabriolet costs as low as $379.99 per month. There is a considerable difference in price if you were to buy the car outright. With leasing you haven't got the worry of servicing and repair as that is covered by the leasing vendor - and you haven't got the hassle of selling or part exchanging the auto, when you come to upgrade it.

Luxury auto leasing has become very popular in the last five to ten years. Luxury autos often retain their value at the end of the lease period, and so the depreciation costs of the lease are smaller when compared to more moderate cars. You may think leasing is not for me but wait, do your research and you will be surprised a luxury auto lease may give you the best value for your leasing dollar.


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