Mini Futures Trading Strategy For Beginners

Most people that find their way to the index future exchanges, come by way of trading stocks. As new market participants learn more about the stock markets, it's inevitable they will hear about the futures markets, especially the S&P futures market. The S&P futures are not unlike a ring in a bull's nose, wherever the ring goes, the bull will follow just as the equity markets will follow the S&P futures market. Because of this, most stock traders learn to keep one eye on these futures whenever they have open positions since they know when the S&P reverses direction, the rest of the market will most likely follow.

As stock traders gain more experience, some move toward the mini futures market, attracted to it's liquidity, volatility and profit potential. Mini futures, better known as Emini contracts, are scaled down versions of the larger futures contracts with lower margin requirements, which makes them very popular with traders. Mini contracts trade on all three of the major exchanges: S&P, NASDAQ and the DOW. All three offer differing options to traders and most participants will eventually settle on one contract to trade exclusively.

Skills used with success in stock trading can be applied to mini futures trading and methodologies are very similar. Just as in stock trading, the most important strategy is to have a system in place. Although each trader has their own individual trading style, successful traders understand the importance of a trading system. All veteran traders use a system they designed or they use a system designed by other successful traders.

Learning to trade mini future contracts for new traders is best when a mentor is employed. Fortunately, technology has advanced enough that new traders can follow along with experienced traders during market hours to increase their skill levels and confidence. By utilizing the services of a mentor in a live mini future trading room, the new trader can watch as the veteran trader executes trades and explains why he is entering and exiting the market. Usually, the mentor will have a question and answer sessions after the cash markets have closed, allowing the novice trader to ask questions.

So this is my first article of Mini Futures Trading Strategy For Beginners. Good Luck.


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