Buy Auto Insurance Online

Buying auto insurance online is a much different process than buying from an individual in an office. First since you are not going to be dealing with a person face to face, you must make absolutely certain that you know what you are buying. You must ask them to E mail you a copy of what is and is not covered on a policy you are wanting to buy. Also you will need for them to E mail you a copy of the company's rules and regulations.

Second since you will not be buying in person unless you have some other way to sign, the company will have to fax or U.S. Mail you a copy of the policy for you to sign. When they fax it or mail it always make certain to read it again thoroughly. If you have any questions or there are some parts you are unsure of, ask and verify before you sign and send the policy back. Keep a copy of the signed application for your records.

Third is the fact that you will probably have to either pay by check or money order via U.S. Mail or with a credit or debit card online. Do not pay for the policy before you read it and make sure you understand it. This is probably one of the biggest cons of buying insurance online. Since you cannot sign it right then and have to wait for mail or fax, this holds up the entire process.

Fourth you always need to make sure you get it in writing that the company is going to issue you a policy. Make absolutely certain that the company either E mails or faxes you a quote in writing saying they will issue you a policy. Never make a payment unless you are guaranteed a policy will be issued.

Fifth just like with any company, do your homework. Since you are not going to be dealing face to face with a company, always make sure you research the company. Check out everything you can about them from their ratings to their handling of claims.


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