Rental Property - Make Your Rental Property Out Shine the Rest

With the ever changing real estate market, many home owners have to look into renting their property. The real estate rental market is saturated with available units, so you as a potential landlord need to make sure it stands out from the rest.

Curbside appeal is reserved properties for sale and rent. Take into consideration how the property looks from the outside. Is it clean of debris, leaves, high grass and weeds? Is the lawn alive and green? Are there webs on the windows and doors? Is the FOR RENT sign clearly visible with a contact phone number?

When a prospective renter drives by your property their initial opinion will be based on the way the outside looks. There should be no cracked or broken windows. If the yard is well cared for, mowed, weeded and watered, leaves raked, treed trimmed and the porch and sidewalks are swept, the prospective tenant is more likely to call for an appointment to see the interior.

Upon viewing the interior, it needs to be clean and free from garbage, dirt, webs, unpleasant smells, etc. The stove/oven should be free from grease and food. The refrigerator should be clean with no mold or mildew. Carpets cleaned and floors swept and mopped. All repairs should be finished and any deferred maintenance completed. Only undesirable tenants would accept and reside in properties that are dirty and in need of repair and maintenance

Once an appointment is set, arrive early and turn on lights and open doors or windows to have an open and inviting feeling. Greet the person or persons professionally and allow them to view your property. Be available to answer questions, but allow them space to view each room and perhaps talk among themselves.

When they request an application, be sure it is simple and readable. Once they turn in a completed rental application, be sure to verify all information listed in a timely manner. Many possible tenants are lost to other rentals due to delays in owner response.

These are just a few simple 'fixes' that can get your unsellable home, rented in a very short time. Make your rental property out shine the rest.


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