When looking to start your own business on the internet, here’s a few thoughts that you might want to take into consideration.

The Product.

What do people want in the way of a product? Will you need to order physical stock? If so expect freight charges, P&H, storage of stock, warehousing maybe, lost/damaged stock, transportation and if you are unable to sell it all, will you be stuck with this product piled up in boxes in your garage/warehouse forever?

Nowadays we have ‘virtual’ products which are all kept online. Thanks to the World Wide Web these products can be sent anywhere on the planet with the click of a mouse. Nothing gets damaged or lost and the product can be upgraded and enhanced without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Obviously physical products cannot be sent in this way, so it’s important that you get clear in your mind, what type of product you want to deal with.

Your Time.

Will you travel to an office in town to market this product? If so, expect the alarm clock to wake you up, traffic, time delays, travel expenses, time away from family and possibly deadlines (if your product has an expiry date) And then if you have ‘physical stock’ just imagine all the paperwork that has to go with it and time put in to advertise it.

A lot of people now choose to work from home. They get up when they want to and have a 20 second commute down the hallway to work. A Leisurely breakfast followed by, maybe 2 hours work. After that, their time is all theirs! Family, fun and the important things in life get done. Then in the evening, maybe do another hour or so of work. Most people don’t have to work 8 hours a day anymore because, with the right business, a ‘duplicated system’ should have been put in place that works for them 24/7.


How much do you want to work for? We’re talking about money here. Let me put it another way – How much is YOUR time worth? Since this is your own business and let’s say you are now your own boss, do you realize that you no longer have to trade your time for a measly $15 an hour? Even $20 an hour, or $30 an hour. You can either buy into a business that has a small outlay for example; let’s assume you got a business that cost you $200. The business has a ‘virtual’ product so there’s no hassle of storage, freight etc Every time you sell a product, you might make $20 commission. That’s nice. However, you will have to sell A LOT of products to get some pretty big bucks coming your way, right?

What if you were to come across an internet business with a ‘virtual’ product that would cost you, let’s say $1295? Sure it’s a bit bigger outlay but the commission you’d make would be $1,000.00 on every sale. That’s very nice. If you’re going to work HARD for your money, at least work hard on something that will bring you BIG profits!!! – Leverage your time and your profit.


OK you’re the boss of your own business but do you have a support team? Sure your partner, kids, family and friends will hopefully offer words of encouragement, motivation and inspiration. This is very important. Who are you going to ask when you have a question about the business? A mate down the road? This is where learning from your mistakes comes into action. Live and learn.

How about this – be your own boss AND have a full support team? Yes you CAN have it all! Work FOR yourself but not BY yourself. Learning from the mistakes of others definitely has its advantages. It can save a lot of time, money and in some cases, embarrassment.

The Market

This brings us back to our product. Will the people that benefit from your product, just be family and friends or will you market to the whole street? Would people in your state be able to use it? How about your whole country?

We’re talking about an internet business where WWW stands for World Wide Web. Naturally, people that market to the entire planet would have the opportunity to make a lot more money. How do they market their product? They ask their support team. That’s how!

Here’s something that might blow your mind. ALL BUSINESS’ WORK! You might ask ‘what about the ones that failed or the ones that went bankrupt’? I’ll say again ALL business’ work. If a business fails, it’s not the actual business’ fault. Behind every business is a person. Behind every person are their actions. All human actions, at their deepest level are motivated by one of two emotions – Love or Fear. Behind every action, is a thought.

By thinking positive thoughts, you will act in a positive way – thus creating a success. On the other hand………….you know how it goes.

Before you find your ideal internet business and throw yourself wholeheartedly into it, just remember, be the bigger person and take responsibility for all of your success and failures. After all, it’s YOUR thoughts that will be creating it!

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Now you’re probably asking yourself “what about the business”? Is there really such an internet business that I can research for free with no obligation; has a ‘virtual’ product that can be marketed to the entire planet; already established full team support; can be worked at home whenever I like; works for me 24/7; costs $1295 and will make me $1,000.00 commission on every single sale? Of course there is!

Not good enough? Only want to work it for 2 or 3 years and then stop but still get paid? Yip, it can do that for you too. After 2 or 3 years, you would have established a nice pay line which is set up in such a way that you will make residual income off of it. Very very nice!

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It might not be for some people but it doesn’t hurt or cost to look. Some people enjoy working hard for their money – quite frankly, given the chance, I’d rather work smart.

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